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I pass several suppliers of plastic bags, sheets, bubble wraps in Bhogal, Jangpura, Delhi. Shri Shayam Tarading Co, similarly Harpreet of Pigmento India supplies all kinds of plastic boxes, from a distance it's a jamboree of translucent lights. Plastic in the form of shrink wraps, boxes, films, clips, (hair, paper), sheet, bag, bottles, dusters, shoes, if you can think of other plastic items please add to the list. Goods untouched by human hands until we break the seal, open the bottle, tear the plastic - the seal for our protection is no longer exchangeable once touched, deemed as used. Once the touched plastic is in the trash bin it is dirtier than previously opened. The touched plastic then gets mixed with all the other filth of the city to be buried or burned in enormous land fills outside the city. A strange filth this commodity is, it's timeless, it's second skin, the abject that clings to us…our legacy.

Ali Mohammed recorded Saturday 20th October 2012, T point of Guru Govind Singh Road and South Avenue, between Sarva Priya Vihar and Malviya Nagar, South Delhi, 9.00am