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Axis >> moving in circles around the earth.
In response to Bannir Singh recorded Monday 22nd October 2012

Karela – origin Hindi, Sanskrit >> kāravella, commonly known in the west as bitter melon/gourd, travelled from India to China in the 14 Century. Also grows in Africa and the Caribbean, it's edible. (source: wordreference.com)

Karelā stuffed with onions, not sure of it origins, I mean north, south, west east India, don't know. But I do know Mum cooked it in East Africa, always fried and stuffed. Of course any dish can be cooked and eaten anywhere by means of buying or growing, what changes from place to place is the meaning of a dish. Dishes carry folklore, Literature and an evolving history. The authenticity of a dish is complex, in Africa my forefathers stuffed the Karelā in a particular way as their forefathers did in Rawalpindi before partition. It is quite possible the culinary imagination of how to stuff a Karelā has evolved in many parts of India. Arguments about the authenticity of a dish only happen when there is in-flux of newer versions and if my mother did not stuff that Karela in a particular month, with particular kind of red onions to contrive a certain taste, I doubt I would think of innovation/change without considering memories of interpretations

Bannir Singh, vegetable walla recorded corner of street no 8 & 9, Monday 22 oct 12, Sarva Priya Vihar. I have been recording him since 2008, his voice has almost gone. He collects vegetables from Okla Mandi between 6 and 7 am