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Plotting a Tree
Leo as you know I have been working on this on-going quest for the itinerant voice in exchange for a photo. I do keep thinking of fixing the kinetic memory of four dimensional into a two dimensional space – hence the www would allow me to map these experiences in cyberspace for netizens to locate and dwell. But I keep resisting, in this age of despoliation brought by our connectivity, half truths are invented as realities. It also depends on mine or your perspective of a dweller. The constructed Mapping of my narratives is or could be a fabrication: an idealistic intention to play, to analogue the ineffable, but then we try and do this all the time in one way or another – I've lost count of how many photos I have battered with my hawkers only for them to come the next day for more. The need to keep at it suggests the self-indulgent ego in us to deconstruct, to be representational, to utter, to fantasize… so perhaps there is no difference between a moment, a place, a truth, a half-invented truth, a lie – it all depends. An obscuring trickery, leading many a netizen astray.

Bannir Singh, vegetable walla recorded corner of street no 8 & 9, Monday 22 oct 12, Sarva Priya Vihar. I have been recording him since 2008, his voice has almost gone. He collects vegetables from Okla Mandi between 6 and 7 am