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Garden is generic of Old English meaning 'geard' - an enclosure, (source http://en.wiktionary.org/). An enclosed ground essential to 'garden', so established by the English. People built walls, hedges, planted trees to claim ownership of land which also kept out trespassers. Alick Percy-Lancaster was the last englishman to hold post of Superintendent of Horticultural Operations, Government of India. Percy's task was to maintain all the shrubs, tress, plants: annuals, by-annual, perennials, and all seasonal vegetables in the Delhi Muncipality Area >> source: "A Sahib's Manual for the Mali" by Alick Percy-Lancaster complied by Laeeq Futehally from "Garden Chat", a monthly magazine brought out by Alick Percy-Lancaster pre-independence.

image > Lists of annals to be planted from September to October from the book, "A Sahib' s Manual for the Mali" by Alick Percy-Lancaster, page 151

Unlimited Edition
Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) also known as Basil, considered in India holier than the holy, worshiped, sacred and has healing properties. The growth of Tulsi in homes, garden, balconies and allotments is spontaneous, I have even seen it grow in cracks on pavements. People, we have a bit of land in Ayanagar, village by name neighboring Gurgoan. It is part of a collective and Tulsi grows abundantly here, I shall be giving away saplings, the seeds have been cultivated and potted in newspaper by our Mali Brijlal. Just send me a message before-hand via FB and I can tell you where is the nearest place for you to collect saplings.

Hawk_a_day: 23rd Wednesday, October 2012, Lal Singh comes this time of the year to sell Kath, (compost), he works as a Mali, in Defence Colonly. his compost is made from sewage sludge gathered in Nizamuddin, South Delhi. — at Galli 5, sarva priya vihar